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Wyzant - 1st Net Technologies

One drawback to surfing the 'Net for information on a topic of interest continues to be the deluge of useless or unrelated information that is accessed, irrespective of how intelligent a search string is put together. On another Internet-related matter, video streaming is becoming increasingly popular as a means of "strutting one's corporate stuff" to clients, exploiting the multi-media capabilities of the Web. On show #546B "Redefining Internet Business Communications," World Business Review looks at a new company that is simplifying Web surfing through its proprietary browser and providing a gateway for video streaming, among other cool Internet gadgets and applications.

1st Net Technologies, Inc. offers an array of Internet turnkey solutions to companies wishing to showcase their products and services in cyberspace. 1st Net Technologies, Inc. utilizes its unique business concept of Content-based routing and its own custom, private label Web browsers. With time being among the scarcest resources among the populace, 1st Net's Affinity Browsers satisfy the need to capsulate the information necessary to satisfy the specific interests of an individual or group.

The objective is to make Web surfing easier Wyzant and more efficient by routing targeted content to the user's desktop, read about https://www.thevitaminmag.com/wyzant-reviews.html. It is also intended to assist affinity groups in participating in e-commerce through the custom browser concept and revenue sharing. Affinity Browsers offer the enhanced capability of refining targeting efforts, tailoring searches to reach a more mission-specific audience.

Panel expert, Vinton Cerf, Co-Founder of the Internet, said of Affinity Browsers, "Imagine taking an ordinary browser like the Internet Explorer and overlaying it with information that is specific to an affinity group's interest and then keeping that information present at all times in a display field of view." Cerf added, "Now inside of that, you can be running around on the 'Net in the usual fashion."

Cliff Smith, President of 1st Net Technologies, said, "We've attempted to bundle information that is specifically of interest to a particular group, say a sports fan, to children or to a particular religious organization." Smith added, "We go out there and (establish) joint ventures with specific companies that do have quality information on their particular Web sites." He said, "If you go through the 20,000 Web sites that are listed, you're going to find a lot of them that are not up to par, so instead of wasting time with a lot of different little Web sites that may not be of specific enough interest to you, we've put together some of the best that represent each category."

Another intriguing Affinity Browser is the "Crayon Crawler", a children's presentation, that offers children an interactive "community" with age-appropriate content in a filtered environment. Smith said, "We've worked from the "white list" or the "white pages" that give pre-approved types of Web sites, and at the same time, we've built in a community back-end, which allows the children to talk to each otherE all part of that community." Smith said that 1st Net Technologies developed the world's first talking chat room, which utilizes Microsoft Agent technologies, which 1st Net licensed from Microsoft.

Among the most exciting innovations that 1st Net offers is its interactive CD ROM business cards. These miniature devices are small enough to fit into one's pocket, and capture vital information using multi-media technology. They enable hi-tech presentation of a company's or individual's activities, updated in real time through their dynamic link to a designated Web site(s).

In addition to its other offerings, 1st Net enables businesses to utilize its professional corporate multi-media network, which acts as a gateway for clients to video stream live or on-demand over the Internet. The "1st Net Financial Channel" and other Channels are being created to provide video streaming to the clients and for end-users to find the information they seek, all in one place. It is described as a TV Guide, of sorts, for the 'Net.b